Tier 6 Xion Appears!

This Premium Draw will start from 5/26/17 0:00(12 am) and will end 6/2/17 23:59(11:59 PM) JST.

As the banner shows, Xion will be a tier 6 medal that has the ability to copy any medal skill after it. Also, Chance that it may also come with a status bonus.

You can, however, use another copy medal. As long as it is not the same medal.

Name of Medal


Gauge Consumption

Maximum Total Damage after Strengthing

Xion HD Ver

[StandAlone]Copies the medal after it. Results in failure if there this no medal.


X 4.68 On failure


As for who has status bonuses are:

  • Xion HD Ver
  • Key Art #8
  • King Mickey KH 0.2 Ver
  • Key Art #6
  • Dark Riku
  • Roxas HD Ver
  • Sora Illustrated Ver B

You know what time it is !? Queue that music from that game.

Will you be able to get them within 5 draws(pulls)?

Video with more info?

Coming Soon


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